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Keyring Piggy

Materials Needed
  • DK or light DK yarn in coat colour and pink,  + small amounts of black for embroidering face features.
  • A 2.5 mm crochet hook. The size of the hook is important, as anything bigger than 2.5 mm might result in an animal that is too big for a keyring. 
  • Polyester fiberfill stuffing.
  • A pair of 6 mm safety eyes.
  • A yarn needle for sewing the different parts together.
  • An embroidery needle for embroidering face features. 
  • A stitch marker for working in the round (I use a bit of contrasting yarn, but you can also use especially designed plastic ones).
  • A keyring keychain.

Body and Head

Start with coat colour
R1: 6 sc in magic ring.  (6)
R2: inc in each  (12)
R3: (inc, 1) x 6  (18)
R4 & 5: sc in each          (18)
R6: (dec, 4) x 3  (15)
R7: sc in each          (15)
R8: (dec, 3) x 3  (12) cc to pink
R9: sc in each          (12)
R10: (dec, 2) x 3  (9)
R11: inc in each  (18)
R12: (inc, 2) x 6  (24)
R13-16: sc in each          (24)
Insert safety eyes between R14 and R15 (2 rounds below the current one), ~ 5 sts apart. 
R17: (dec, 2) x 6  (18)
Stuff body and head. Add extra stuffing as you go. 
R18: (dec, 1) x 6  (12) 
R19: dec x 6           (6)
FO leaving long tail for sewing to the keyring. 

Legs (make 4)

Start with pink.
R1: 6 sc in magic ring  (6)
R2: sc in each           (6) cc to coat colour
R3-6: sc in each  (6)
Stuff with the loose ends of yarn. 
Sl st. 
FO, leaving long tail for sewing. 
Sew legs to the body. I sew the back legs in a seating position. 


With pink.
R1: 6 sc in magic ring.  (6)
R2: (inc, 1) x 3  (9)
R3: sc in each  (BLO)              (9)
R4: sc in each.                                 (9)
Sl st. 
FO, leaving long tail for sewing. 


(make 2 with pink).
R1: 4 sc in magic ring. (4)
R2: inc, 3 (5)
R3: inc, 4 (6)
R4: inc, 5          (7)
Sl st. FO leaving long tail for sewing. 


Sew snout and ears to head. Push the ears downwards slightly so that they look more like piggy ears.
Embroider face features (see photos for guidance). 
Attach piggy to keyring.