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Chunky Elephant with Glasses

Help!! Seems like I'm stuck on elephants at the moment!!

This gorgeous fellow is made using the same pattern as for Bingo, the Friendly Elephant, with the following changes:
  • Chunky yarn instead of DK yarn
  • A 4 mm hook instead of a 3 mm hook
  • 10 or 12 mm safety eyes instead of 6 mm safety eyes
You will also need a pipe cleaner for the glasses.

Using the same colour as for the elephant head.
Ch 4
R1: Sc in second chain from the hook and in the next 2. (3)
FO leaving long tail for sewing.

Attach to head over the eyes between Rnd 16 and 17. Sew only the upper part, leaving the lower part to hang over the eyes slightly.

Using a pipe cleaner, fold the left end anticlockwise and the right end clockwise, shaping them into two identical circles. Leave about 1 cm pipe cleaner between the two circles (this is the bit that will rest on the trunk). Trim leftover pipe cleaner and wrap any sticking loose ends around the circles.

Also, when making the legs, I attached the trousers colour after Rnd 9 instead of Rnd 10 as in the Bingo pattern. It doesn't make a lot of difference, just makes the trousers a bit longer, but I thought I'd let you know anyway :)

And you're done!!